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Line Family Introduction
Welcome to our website about line families.

For those of you who found your way here through a web search about polyamory, polyfidelity or open relationships, this is not a false or deceptive result. Line families can be about any of those things. For our purposes the definition is this:

The Line Family is a form of group family in which the family unit continues to add new spouses over time so the family does not end.”

History is full of examples of the use of the line family concept. Monks and nuns are classic examples of families that continue without end by adding new young members. Of course these examples are of the single-sex line family model. Organized crime has used the line family tradition to keep their “families” going through many generations.

One of the most powerful political groups on Earth was detailed by Jeff Sharlet in his book “The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.” Young men and women are groomed for addition to The Family if they show the proper attitudes being sought.

Even though the author Robert Heinlein is given much credit for popularizing line families in his books, history shows us that line families are a time-tested way to keep traditions alive, create stability and manage wealth. When you look past the trappings of power in churches, royalty and governments, you find the structures of family.

If nothing else, we are here to tell you one thing -
Families are the most powerful social, political and economic organizations on Earth…
except for the “nuclear family.”

Click the FAMILY FINANCES and the CHILDREN links to see how the nuclear family is hobbled by not understanding how to build wealth and security over multiple generations. Even if you don’t fully accept the line family concept, at least learn about some of the tools available to make subsequent generations remember you as the founder of family prosperity and wellbeing. Just be aware that there are no “get rich quick” schemes here. It is extremely unlikely that anyone can grow a line family of 20 members in just a few years. It will most likely take decades – as will the building of a substantial investment portfolio. So time's a wastin', you better get started now.

What you will find on this website:
We want you to have some of the tools you might need to build your own line family. We have attempted to be as practical as possible. Most of what you will find here has been known by the upper classes for centuries. We will explore some of those “different rules” that the rich and powerful live by. We want you to have greater economic security. We want your elder family members to have a secure retirement. We want your children to get a secure start in life. Finally, we want you to undermine the status-quo of an economic elite class that uses the Earth like there is no limit to its resources.

What you will not find on this website:
We know that polyamory works as a family structure. We’ve been in a MFFM quad since late 2000. We will not be talking about jealousy, sexual practices or where to find dates. There are a lot of excellent websites and books that cover those issues.

We hope you will find useful information on this website whether you are trying to form a line family or just want suggestions for day-to-day issues affecting normal polyam families. If you have any questions, suggestions or want to book a presentation, please contact us at:

Blessings and joy to you and your family.
The staff at
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